SwimSafer 2.0 Bronze: Personal Water Survival & Stroke Improvement Skills - Test Criteria

Personal Survival & Stroke Improvement Skills

Development of student’s stroke techniques is a focus here, along with coordinated breathing in deep water. This stage sees the introduction of throw rescues and more personal survival skills. One of the goals is to achieve 100 metres of a variety of strokes.


All Done in Competition Pool

Swim 100m continuously

  • 25m front crawl

  • 25m backstroke

  • 25m breaststroke

  • 25m survival backstroke


Sequence 4A (w/o goggles)

  • Enter the water using compact jump (in deep water), resurface

  • Perform a forward somersault

  • Scull, float or tread water for 2 minutes

  • In 1.4m deep water, perform feet-first surface dive

  • Swim through hoops placed 2m apart

  • Resurface and exit pool safely


Sequence 4B (w/o goggles)

Dressed in swimwear, t-shirt and shorts

  • 3 minutes swim using survival backstroke, side-stroke and survival breaststroke 
    (Change every 15m mark)

  • Wave for help 
    (Rescuer to throw floatation aid)

  • Swim to a floatation aid and kick to pool’s edge, then climb out of the water


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