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SwimSafer is a new national water safety programme initiated by the National Water Safety Council, in collaboration with the Singapore Sports Council and was launched on 18 March 2010. The six-stage progressive programme will help children of all ages and abilities develop water safety and swimming skills at their own pace through a positive, fun learning experience. SwimSafer is an improvement of the existing National Survival Swimming Award (NASSA) and Learn-To-Swim (LTS) Programme.

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Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award

SSPA is an award structured to stimulate the swimmers' enthusiasm in mastering the efficient strokes mechanics. In the process, they will experience a competitive training to fine-tune their strokes to comply with FINA rules. 


  1. To provide the progression for swimming after SwimSafer

  2. To raise the level of swimming proficiency of swimmers

  3. To provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers

  4. To increase the level of technical expertise among our swimming coaches